Indoor and Outdoor Playground Equipment

Children need a safe and inspiring playground; whether it is in a school ground, amusement park or even fun fair. The best way to do this is to integrate a playground equipment that fulfills the emotional and development need of a child.  With that said, Beston Amusement Co. Ltd offers some of the best indoor playground equipment for sale out there. They mainly specialize in amusement park rides that offer a thrilling and exciting experience. They have gained a reputation for developing all kinds of playground rides; from carousels, roller coasters, trackless trains to ferry wheel rides. Additionally, Beston features a team of experts who help in designing park rides that promote a child’s cognitive, physical and social development.

Kiddie Indoor Playground Equipment

Amazing Park Rides for Sale

Beston amusement park rides are in superior quality and most of all, they come with a reasonable price. These rides will engage the children in balancing, climbing and more so interacting with each other.

Carousel Rides

This is a type of merry-go-round ride consisting of a circular platform with seats for riders. The carousel allows children to build strength and coordination. As the carousel goes
to flight, the child is forced to hang on tight. This is an act that strengthens both the arm and leg muscle.  Beston Amusement Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of carousels to meet individual needs. These include the Classic Horse carousel, Caterpillar and the Cliff Hanger. The company is always re-inventing the carousel in order to provide children with a unique and more thrilling ride.

Train Rides

Whether you’re looking for train rides with or without tracks, Beston manufactures a variety to suit your specific needs at These train rides come with authentic appearance, flashy colors and not to forget a smooth and safe operation.  One of such rides is the amusement park steam train. It is suitable for both kids and adults. When the train is operational, it produces all kinds of noises which flood into the passengers ears making them feel as if they are in real trains.  Apart from fun and excitement, the amusement park steam train has proven to be beneficial in social development. It easily allows kids to strike up conversations. This is turn allows them to gain interpersonal skills needed in interacting with different people.

Large outdoor roller coaster rides

Roller Coaster Rides

Rollers coasters offer a fun medium for engaging kids. This is especially true for those that have a thrill seeking personality.  Did you know that roller coaster can help you understand your child better? Studies have shown that children who enjoy roller coaster rides have a slightly different brain structure compared to the rest. Their brain is slightly imbalanced due to a chemical that predisposes them to seek high levels of arousal’s.  Roller coaster rides are essential in building a child’s self-confidence. When a child overcomes the fear of a roller coaster ride, the result is liberation. This in turn makes them more confident and courageous in their walk of life.  With that said, Beston offers a wide range of roller coasters depending on size and speed. The company offers the Spin Roller which is mainly used in large amusement parks. There are other smaller versions like the HFGS06. All you need to do is identify one that fits within your budget and needs.

Bumper Cars Rides

A bumper car is one of the best interactive rides a child can ever engage in. Beston offers different bumper cars that vary in design. Those that need customized bumper cars will have to give early notification. Some of the bumper rides that are on sale include the BKC-ACI, BKC-AC2 and the QLFS-GGK. These rides can be added at any amusement park or funfair, even in the supermarket
Other interesting rides include the UFO Rides HFFD01, Pirate Ship Ride HFHD02, Self Control Plane Ride, Crazy Wave Ride, and Driving Traffic Town HFJS02

Why You Need to Choose Indoor and Outdoor Amusement Rides

  • All amusement rides have been designed with excellent quality.
  • They have been customized in different shapes.
  • They are very affordable.
  • They feature proper speed and acceleration.


If you’re looking for the best amusement ride then Beston is your go to supplier. They take pride in creating high quality rides. For more information or any inquiries, you can contact them by visiting their website. What are you waiting for? Visit Beston Amusement Co Ltd. Now!